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Sign UP/IN and See Exclusive Guns For Sale in Our Local Community Feed

Several nice guns to sell or trade: FN 5.7, Ultralight AR15, Re

  • Ive got several nice guns to sell or trade. 

    Here is what Ive got (and below I will list out what I would be interested in on trade). 

    1. Ive got a nice black FN 5.7, fewer than 200 rds through it.

    2. Ultralight FOD AR15 with 223 wylde barrel. 

    3. Remington 700 5R heavy bull barrel 308 with threaded muzzle. (tac driver)

    4. Tikka T3 270win. (Sub MOA)

    5. Mosin Nagant rifle with lots of extras


    So... here is the deal, if you are interested in one of my guns. Shoot me a text, and make me an offer. If you are not an Idaho Resident, we will need to use an FFL. I prefer to deal with CCW holders. I do not plan to ship anything. I am in Caldwell. I find a good central place to meet tends to be either the Sportsmans in Nampa or the one in Meridian, but I would prefer to not have to go that far. I can add cash to the right trade.


    Here are the items I would consider in trade. (I know it is a long list, so if you dont see something you got that you want to trade, then I probably dont need it...)


    Please note: the following list are NOT items I have, but items I would trade for if you have them!!!

    458 SOCOM Pistol or carbine upper and or parts, and or complete gun

    NAA Mini Master or Hog Leg 22 Mag

    Kel Tec RGB 308 Bullpup

    556 pistol upper or whole gun

    6.5 Creedmoor Tikka Stainless Superlite

    Lightweight 338 Lapua tack driver set up for long range hunting

    Kel Tec P3AT

    S&W Airlight 44mag and 22lr

    22lr "Pack Rifle"

    Half MOA or better pellet pistol or rifle

    youth sized Shotgun

    Walther 22 with 6inch target barrel extension

    1500 Yard Range finder

    Hill People Gear Chest Kit Bag

    Crimson Trace Rail Master Laser Light

    Streamlight SLR2

    Forward Vertical Grip with light

    Remington 870 stock

    Quality long range rifle scope

    Vortex Venom or similar compact red dot style pistol sight

    Lightweight Long Eye relief pistol scope

    Compact Game Cameras

    Security Camera System

    Newer Go Pro Setup

    Thermal imaging scope

    quality newer model washer and dryer

    backup camera/dvd/nav system to fit a 2008 or newer Chev Tahoe or Suburban

    ATV Jwheelz

    Argo 8x8 with tracks

    deblasi folding mini motorbikes

    quality fox-pro like game/coyote caller

    duck/goose hunting setup

    1000 watt honda generator (or yamaha)

    8ft Porta Bote

    Stump Jumper Mud Motor

    Tandem axle boat trailer with brakes

    16ft flatbed trailer tandem axle (cheap)

    old box truck/moving van

    decent motorhome

    heavy duty sewing machine for thick canvas work

    ford escape hybrid 4x4 (low miles)